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Miss Pearl Biller's room in the Nordstrom home at 218 West Street. Room walls provide a large surface for decorating. The flower swag border at the top of the wall adds color to the room. During the mid to late 1800s, homes were highly decorated to…

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An unidentified sitting room. A sitting room was public space within the house where guests were entertained. Artwork chosen for display provided an identity for the family living in the home. The choice of art reflected the family's beliefs. On…

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An unidentified couple looking at a scrapbook in a living room. Holiday cards are displayed at the edges of two windows. Displaying holiday cards as part of the holiday decorations continues to be popular today.

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Bertha Cosberg with yuletide greenery that might be decoration for the exterior of the house door.

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Bertha Cosberg sitting on stairs next to wall full of greeting cards. At the holiday season, it is still popular today to use greeting cards from family and friends as part of the holiday decorations.
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