Charles Sealy to his sister Mary Ann (Mate) Sealy Woodward written April 26, 1863 at Camp Shaefer.

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Charles Sealy to his sister Mary Ann (Mate) Sealy Woodward written April 26, 1863 at Camp Shaefer.


Charles Sealy was born in the town Castle Cary, Somersetshire, England. He moved with his parents and brothers to Rochester, New York in 1835. They later moved to Geneva , NY and finally Rockford, IL in 1855. He and his 2 brothers served in the Union Army during the American Civil War. Charles enlisted in Company G, 44th Regiment (a Winnebago County, Illinois Regiment of Volunteers, General Sheridan's Division) as a private. It is unknown whether he was ever promoted. He was captured during the Battle of Chickamauga and died as a P.O.W. in Andersonville Prison on June 10, 1864, Grave #1787 ( his name was misspelled Seely in the roster). Most of his letters were sent to his sister Mary Ann "Mate" Sealy (through 1861), Mary Ann "Mate" Woodward 1862 -1863. (Mary Ann married Amos Woodward.)


Charles Sealy


April 26, 1863


Midway Village Museum







Camp Schaiefer
Apr 26 1/6[3]
Dear Sister
I must comence [sic] my letter to-day the same as you commenced the last that I recived [sic] from you that I have not recieved [sic] no letter from you the past week I do not know the reason why the mail does not go through I have for several weeks past recieved [sic] your letters and the register puntual [sic] to the day every week with ecception [sic] of this week and I have no doubt before I finish this letter that I shall recieve [sic] a letter from some of you I am in the same fix that I was in last week I have nothing of interest to write and we are kept on duty so much that a person
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has hardly time to think that he has a home since I last wrote you our Brigade has had but one night rest without being disturbed and loseing [sic] two thirds of the night rest on monday last we started on a scout and got back on a Friday morning and yesterday morning on picket. so you see that the past week has been a rather a bussy [sic] week with with [sic] us the [next] letter that you write to the boys tell them the reason that I have not answered their letter tell them that I will answer it in the course of a week or ten days I also owe Mate Huke a letter and I hardly know when I shall get time to answer hers I her [sic] last letter she sent me a lock of the childerns [sic] hair I almost wish that I could see them tell Lillie that she is oweing [sic] me a letter tell
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to write me soon as I have a letter to write for a friend this [afternoon] I must close please excuse me for not answering your question about the wedding cake I recieved [sic] it in due time and was much oblige [sic] to you for it If you do not get a letter from me every week do not censure me for it for I will write every sunday if it is in my power - give my love to all and oblidge [sic]
Your Affectionate
Chas Sealy

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