Charles Sealy to his sister Mary Ann (Mate) Sealy Woodward, written April 12, 1863 at Camp Shaefer.

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Charles Sealy to his sister Mary Ann (Mate) Sealy Woodward, written April 12, 1863 at Camp Shaefer.



Charles Sealy, born in Castle Cary, Somersetshire, England. Moved to Rochester, NY with parents in 1835. Came to Rockford in 1855. He & his 2 brothers served in Union Army during the Civil War. Charles enlisted in Company G, 44th Regiment out of Winnebago County, Illinois Volunteers, as a private. Captured during the battle of Chickamauga and died as a prisoner of war in Andersonville Prison June 10, 1864.


Charles Sealy


April 12, 1863


Midway Village Museum






Camp Shaiefer [sic]
April 12th 186[3]
Dear Sister
I have just received your letter of the 5th and was glad to hear from you. As I am sittuated [sic] I do not know as I have much news to tell you since I last wrote you there has nothing of in trest [sic] transpired of consequence for the past ten or twelve days I have so situated that I did not know wether [sic] I had better come under the Doctters [sic] care or not I have not seen an hour for the past two weeks withe [sic] the exception of an hour or two in the morning that I have been with out the headake [sic] on friday last our Brigade was ordered on an out post at salem I reported to the Doctor and he told me that I
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had better stay in camp but I have an object in view that the Dr knowes [sic] any thing about so I started with them but I have all ready repented coming I have been placed on the role of honer [sic] with [four] other of the company to go in a light bitallion [sic] three of us to go as soon as they can get the horses I hardly expect to go among the first but If I do my duty I may go right a way but I may have to come under the Dr care all to gether when I get back to camp I recieved [sic] a letter from Geo a few days a go they were at [Viste] Landing when he wrote they were in good spirrits [sic] I also recieved [sic] a letter from Mate Huke to day she was in no writing mood when she wrote me but she managed to write me a good long letter she complans [sic] to me of your not writing to her you had better write to her or you will have Charlie in your hair she sent me a lock of Emmas and Fannies hair in the letter if you or Father sees to
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[Editor] I wish you would remind him that I have not stopt [sic] the register from going to Geneva as mate says that she has not received it since I left home if he has stopt [sic] it on acct [sic] of it not being paid for let him send me my acct [sic] and I will settle it I have written all that I can think of at present excuse my bad writing as I do not feel well give my love to all an write soon Good Bye
From Your Affectionate
Chas Sealy

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Charles Sealy, “Charles Sealy to his sister Mary Ann (Mate) Sealy Woodward, written April 12, 1863 at Camp Shaefer.,” Midway Village Museum - Digital Collections, accessed March 3, 2024,