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Row houses or houses built very close together in a residential neighborhood. The house in the foreground has laundry on the line drying at the left in the back yard area.

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A view of the southeast side of Rockford. The houses are simple frame architecture with cross gable roofs.

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Heavy snowfall on an unidentified residential street.

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Three adults on a cement sidewalk in a residential neighborhood. Portland cement was first introduced in the United States in the 1860s to be used for sidewalks. The lines in the sidewalk are expansion joints or strain relief grooves to minimize…

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A small girl playing with a parasol in a yard of a residential neighborhood. Clothing for little girls in the early 1900s mimicked that of their mother's. Lawns became more popular after the 1920s with the public park movement. Today, lawns are…

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A residential neighborhood. The house in the foreground at left has boxed column supports for the porch. The houses in the background are cross gabled with dormer windows. Dormers increase useable space in an attic or upper story of a home.
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