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2012.66.484 300dpi 4x6.jpg
Small part of the West State Street portion of the Downtown Mall looking south down the alley in the middle of the 300 block. It includes a partial view of J.C. Penney and Carnaby Square.

2012.66.465 300dpi 4x6.jpg
Looking east from the 300 block of West State Street. Visible are Angers Jewelry, Mutual Loans, D.J. Stewart's, J.C. Penney, the Rockford Store, Bolender's, and Osco Drug. A taxi and city bus are parked at the curbs.

2012.66.308 300dpi 4x6.jpg
Front of J.C. Penney store at 308 West State Street in downtown Rockford. This would later became part of Stewart Square.
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