George Sealy to his mother Maria Louisa Champion Sealy written July 4, 1864 from Etowah Crossing, Georgia.

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George Sealy to his mother Maria Louisa Champion Sealy written July 4, 1864 from Etowah Crossing, Georgia.


George A. Sealy was born in the town Castle Cary, Somersetshire, England, May 11, 1841 to Richard Sealy (born c. 1804 in South Welton, England) and Maria Louisa Champion Sealy (born c. 1803 in Wells, England). His family (including 2 brothers & 1 sister) moved to Rochester, New York around 1843. They later moved to Geneva, NY and final settled in Rockford, IL in 1855. He and his 2 brothers served in the Union Army during the American Civil War. George (along with brother Robert) served in Company G, 45th Illinois Volunteers. He enlisted September 17, 1861 as a private and was later promoted to sergeant by his brother Robert. He was involved in both the siege and the occupation of Vicksburg, and was mustered out July 12, 1865. He married twice. His first wife was Jennie A. Paxson, who died of consumption at age 33 May 4, 1876. His second wife was Fannie E. Zimmerman (died in 1908), whom he married August 5, 1877 in Winnebago County. After the war, George worked for Emerson, Talcott and Co. in Rockford, acting as their superintendent. Upon leaving Talcott Emerson in 1896 he spent a short while working for Henry Sears Cutlery in Chicago before retiring the next year and moving to San Jose, CA. It was there he passed in November 15, 1909 suddenly, while dancing at a social gathering.


George Sealy


July 4, 1864


Midway Village Museum







Etowah Crossing Ga
july 4th 1864

Dear Mother
I have not received any letters from home this week and so have none to answer. but I thought that I would write you A few lines and tell you what little news we have hear [sic] to tell before I go to bed. I have been thinking to day what A diferense [sic] thair [sic] is betwen [sic] to day and one year ago to day. then we enterd [sic] Vicksburg and thought
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that we wer [sic] Celebrateing [sic] the forth [sic] as well as it could be very well. but to day we have been laying in Camp not doing much of any thing except A few speaches [sic] that some of the Officers made to the men I suppose that your [sic] are haveing [sic] A big time in Rockford to day how I would like to drop in on you for the day but I suppose that would not satisfy me. I have drawn Rations the same to day as any day it does not make much diferance [sic] to us hear [sic] weather [sic] it is Sunday or the forth [sic] of july we have to do our work the same I was at the front yesterday our forces have posetion [sic] of Marietta and the Rebs have
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retreated [sic] to the other side of the Chatahoochee [sic] River and we expect that our forces are acrost [sic] to day if they are they will not be long in takeing [sic] Atlanta and then whare [sic] the Rebs will go we do not know. we do not get much news from Grants Army and do not know what he is doing but suppose that he is at work all the time and will soon have Richmond at least we hope so. how are you all at home has your helth [sic] been good this Summer I suppose that Father has all that he can do is Mrs Alverson any better than she was. I do not yet A letter from Herbert do not know what the reason is but suppose it is becaus [sic] his
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mother has been so sick I guess that Jennie has received lots of letters from me by this time. I cannot Pay the Postage on this as I have no Stamps but hope to receive some from home soon now I must close and go to bed as I am very tired and have to get up early to go into the Country in the morning. with kind love to all and hopeing [sic] to hear from home again soon I remane [sic] as ever your Affectionate son
George A Sealy
To his Mother and Father
Mate Baby and all

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