Charles Sealy to sister Mary Ann (Mate) Sealy Woodward on August 27, 1862 from Camp Kienga

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Charles Sealy to sister Mary Ann (Mate) Sealy Woodward on August 27, 1862 from Camp Kienga


Charles Sealy


August 27, 1862


Midway Village Museum








Camp Rienza[sic] Miss.
Aug 27 1862
Dear Sister
I recieved[sic] your letter of the 5th on the 25th of the present month and was glad to hear from you and Walter I should of recieved[sic] it a week ago and answered it at the same time had I not of been at the landing some 25 miles from here on fatigue duty I was there some two weeks so you see that I am excuseable[sic] for not writing before we had some exciteing[sic] times at the landing while we were there. thier[sic] was some eight or ten boats came up the river while we were there and all of them fired into and the last one that was
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loaded with comissary[sic] goods and had two barges of hay with her and she was fired into and she had to cut the barges loose so as to escape she came to the landing and got two field peices[sic] and 200 Infintry[sic] and [returners] and on sunday[sic] last she came back with some 50 prisioners[sic] and L. Capt. and a Major. They were [grusellius] and I think that it will go hard with them. last[sic] evening there was a small battle about six miles from here and the results I have not heard as yet but I think we came out victorious. I am sorry that mother is sick so long I think if she had had Dr Dayton in the first place her hand would of been well long before this tell Lillie that she must hurry
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and get well so as not to put off her wedding in Oct as the time well[sic] soon fly round if she does not get married this time I think she will never be married as for my health it is good so far I wish that I had the reciept[sic] of that medicien[sic] that the Dr let me have when I left, as I am all most of my throat when cold wether[sic] comes but let the worst come I think that I can stand it but if I cannot there is that one alternative and that is a discharged[sic] but I hope that I shall be able to see the thing through I recieved[sic] a letter from Bert and George a few weeks a go[sic] and I have answered Geo’s but have not found time to answer Berts[sic] as yet has Rockford turned out any more field offierces[sic] yet she out to out[sic] a few
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more I wonder if I could not get a parish if I should get a discharge but it is about time that I should close give my respects to all inquireing[sic] friends and Also[sic] to Mother and Father you wished me to give you the Brigade and the Divsion[sic] we are in Asbaths Brigade and the 5 Division Direct the same as before in the other respect write soon.
From your Affectionate Bro
Chas Sealy
Co. G. 44 Reg Ill. Vol.
Asbaths Brigade 5 Division
(care of C. Knobledoff) Army of the Miss in the field

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