Charles Sealy to sister Mary Ann (Mate) Sealy Woodward sent on February 2, 1862 from Rolla, Missouri

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Charles Sealy to sister Mary Ann (Mate) Sealy Woodward sent on February 2, 1862 from Rolla, Missouri


Charles Sealy


February 2, 1862


Midway Village Museum








Rolla Feb [3] 1862
Dear Sister
Excuse me for not writing last week as I did not feel able to write since I last wrote I have not gained much I have been in the hospital ever since and am likely to be the regiment started for Springfield yesterday morning leaving about 45 besides myself at rolla to recruit [sic] our health. It is not very likely that we shall see the regiment again very soon as the talk is of their puting[sic] us in as cooks and waiters as soon as we are able if they should do that my wages would raised [sic] to 25¢ a day besides my $10 a month which will amount to about $20 a month which will be pretty good pay I hope that the union men will catch old Price so that we will not have to travel around in Mo the whole year I rather think that they will catch
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him this time I dare not hardly tell you how we fare now we have been here now a week tomorrow and I hardly know where I would’nt [sic] rather be than be in the Barracks that we are in we have had no wood half of the time no water until we raised a fuss a bout [sic] it now we have to[sic] things as waiters but we have to put up with them we have but two meals a day one in the morning about nine o’clock consisting of dry bread and coffee and in the afternoon about four we beef soup beens[sic] dry bread boiled pork and beef just such food as a well man ought to have we have nothing that a sick man ought to have but never mind it will not last long we shall fare better by and by but change the subject good times coming war coming to a close boys all coming home the girl will have a good time then you stated in your last letter that Nelly Berry was enquirering[sic] after me it makes the
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third or fourth time that I have had similar news if any more of the girls enquire after me you can tell them where I am and then that I should like to hear from them. Tell Miss Berry that if she is very is [sic] or feels very interested in my wellfare[sic] that she may write tell her that my correspondance[sic] is so great that I can not[sic] hardly find time to open the correspondence but if she wishes to open the correspondence I will try to keep it up but am not very peticular[sic] about it. what[sic] is the reason that Bert and Lilly has[sic] not answered my last letter both of them recieved[sic] a letter from me last I hope that they will soon write me I have written all that I can think of now be sure to write every week wether I write you or not so good by for the present I will try to write at once a week so good bye
From your Affectionate Bro
Chas Sealy P.S. direct the same as before and oblige

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