Charles Sealy to his sister Mary Ann (Mate) Sealy written November 24, 1861 from Rolla, Missouri

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Charles Sealy to his sister Mary Ann (Mate) Sealy written November 24, 1861 from Rolla, Missouri


Charles Sealy


November 24, 1861


Midway Village Museum








Rolla Nov 24 1861
Dear Sister
The last two letters I wrote I have not as yet received a answer but yet I suppose I must write in about an hour after I wrote the last letter from Springfield we were ordered to march we left and marched to Wilson creeck [sic] about 19 miles. on[sic] Satturday[sic] and sunday we [strole] around to Springfield after vissting[sic] the Battle grouny[sic] on which Gen Lyon was killed on the 10th of Aug last. after we left the battle grounyd [sic] we camped by one of the best springs that is in Missouri. the[sic] water came up out of a soled[sic] rock with a covering of rock of about 20 feet square then after the water run about 15 or 20 rods and then sank in the earth again it about paid me for traveling the 20 miles that I traveled to look at that
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spring. on[sic] the 12th we started for Rolla. there [sic] were nothing of interest transpired on the road we past[sic] through Lebanon on a Tuesday morning we crosed[sic] the Gascunaid[sic] on a bridge of wagons. in[sic] the afternoon we were wet through by the rain and if we waded through one creeck[sic] we waded twenty and arrived in a camp about 4 o’clock and here we have remained until now the next move that we make will be to St Louis which will be soon. the[sic] boys feel rather provoaked[sic] for having to travel the distance we have and not see[sic] a fight we have traveled about 300 miles a foot for nothing allmost [sic] now we have to go where we started from but we do not know wether [sic] we stay in St Louis any lenth[sic] of time or not we do not know but we rather think that we will go into Kentuckey[sic] but if we stay in St Louis any length of time I shall try to come
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home on a furlough we expect soon to get our new uniform also a doubble[sic] blanket which will add to our comforts wonderfully I suppose that Lill got the Letter that I wrote her from Springfield if not write me in your next letter and I will write her the next letter I have been told that the Regiment that Bert and Geo [George] is in are in St Louis if so write me so if they are in the city when we get there I may find them If they are there when we get there I shall try to get a transfer so that I shall be more to home give my love to all and write soon direct to Rolla
From Your Affectionate Bro Chas Sealy

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