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2017.43.1212 96 dpi wm.jpg
A group of men wearing work aprons gather around a work bench eating cake at Whitney Metal Tool Company Forbes Street Plant. A fire extinguisher is visible behind them on the right. See also 2017.43.1157

2017.43.1211 96 dpi wm.jpg
Les Burgett and Harold Pedersen at Les' retirement party. Leslie Burgett was the Chief Engineer at the Whitney Metal Tool Company, where he worked for 41 years.

2017.43.1200 96 dpi wm.jpg
Whitney Metal Tool Company President Gus Jensen cutting a cake. President from 1943-1961, he began working for the company in 1922 as a salesman.

2017.43.1157 96 dpi wm.jpg
Several employees of Whitney Metal Tool Company enjoy cake while the woman in the foreground serves it. They are dressed in work aprons and are eating at a workbench. Related to 2017.43.1212.
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