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80.15.11 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
This photo portrays a smiling, squinting soldier, his shadow thrown behind him to the right, with arms akimbo in front of a tent where two other soldiers stand.

81.136.131b 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
The pictures on this card's four quarters depict various camp scenes, buildings, and soldiers performing drills and exercises.

81.136.133 96 dpi watermarked.jpg
Soldiers seated at rows of long tables, eating, while others stand in the background.

81.136.135 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Two-story structure - showing men looking out some windows - with men marching below and others exercising in the foreground.

81.136.136 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Men in street clothes lined up before a building.

81.136.137 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
View down the center between rows of buildings with a formation of men to the left.

81.136.158 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Several groups of soldiers across the grounds with buildings in the background.

81.136.162 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Looking down on buildings blending into the distance, forming the cantonment, which is a military garrison or camp.

84.38.37 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
With tents on either side, the men in the middle have their gear rolled out in rows. This card is postmarked from Frankford (?) on July 30, 1907 at 1:30 PM.

84.41.4 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
With men working atop a multi-tiered snow mound, there are additional men in front and horse-drawn wagons to the sides. This card is postmarked from Rockford IL Grant Branch on June 13, 1918 at 3:00 AM.

84.41.5 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
A large group of men bundled against the weather with others on top of a wooden constructed toboggan run while some are even seated on a sled. Postmarked from Rockford IL Grant Branch on June 13, 1918 at 3:00 AM.

84.41.8 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Soldiers lining both sides of the slide, some holding skis and what looks like snowshoes while some men are on the run wearing skis.

85.109.216 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Dated September 4, 1917, this panoramic view shows men on the grounds and others on the road facing the flag, saluting, with cars and people observing along the roadside.

85.109.217 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Color rendering of knots of soldiers across the grounds. This card is postmarked from Atlanta GA Gordon Branch on September 21, 1918 at 6:30 PM.

85.109.219 or 70.118.24 (both on back) 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Looking down on rows of long buildings. On back: "The time has come, how well I know, / I hear our nation's call. / Farewell, my friends, till victory's won. / For liberty must not fall."

85.109.220 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Frontal view of two-story building with soldiers at attention lined up in front.

85.109.221 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Five soldiers grouped around a seated man playing guitar.

85.109.224 watermarked.jpg
Showing areas where horses were kept and cared for.

85.109.225 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Soldiers relaxing outside and underneath the portico of a building labeled "Regimental Exchange."

85.109.227 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
A great crowd of soldiers lounging on long benches, socializing, reading, talking, and playing cards.

85.109.230 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Two men in a truck unload loaves of bread to men waiting to carry them in. On back: "We boys march to the tap of the drum / And our hearts are very light. / We're fighting for a noble cause / A cause both just and right."

85.109.232 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Men standing in line outside a building, holding plates and cups that they wait to wash.

85.109.233 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Men waiting their turn to clean their plates and cups in a wash tub.

85.109.236 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Soldiers sitting side-by-side at long tables laden with pitchers and plates of food.

85.109.237 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Photo depicts a long line of cars on their way to Camp Grant.

85.109.239 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Rows of small tents with two soldiers at attention outside each.

85.109.240 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Photo shows rows of empty, made cots with clothes hanging from wooden support posts and low crossbeams.

85.109.243 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
With a pile of wood to the left, one soldier holds a piece of wood while two others use a two-handed saw to cut it.

85.109.244 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Five soldiers view a newspaper titled "Home News" with the headline, "Officials See Possibility of Peace." On back: "I am thinking of you, / While you are far away. / And am eagerly watching / for that home-coming day."

85.109.245 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
The four quarters of this card show various views of buildings and soldiers engaging in activities and relaxation.

85.109.246 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Soldiers with flags practicing proper semaphore poses.

85.109.251 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Two columns of four-horse-drawn wagons with single horsemen riding between and pedestrians viewing from sidewalks on both sides.

85.109.252 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Four soldiers on "KP" duty, shucking corn.

85.109.253 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
A line of soldiers running on open ground. Postmarked from Rockford IL Grant Branch on July 5, 1918 at 3:00 AM.

85.109.254 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
A throng of kneeling soldiers aiming their rifles. On back: "We are drilling every day, / For that land so far away, / To defend our country true / To represent Red, White and Blue."

85.109.256 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Buildings surrounded by trees and a soldier on guard duty before a flagpole proudly flying Old Glory. On back: "I am glad you joined the army, / Because such men as you / Will restore peace to our nation / To the Red, the White, the Blue."

85.109.258 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Two rows of cots against each wall, with a few men lounging while two in the back stand at attention and some clothes hang from rafters. On back: "I am thinking of you, / While you are far away. / And am eagerly watching / For that home-coming day."

85.109.259 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
A large house with a wrap-around porch in the ample shade of several trees with other camp buildings in the background (right).

85.109.259a 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Led by the color guard, and followed by soldiers on foot and on horseback, crowds watch this street parade from the sidewalks.

85.109.260 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Great lines of soldiers performing deep knee squats, with barracks and trees in the background.

85.109.261 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Color rendering of the All Saints' Chapel with a cross over the door and a steeple towering above this while two soldiers stand in front.

85.109.262 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
A large room with those above looking over a railing at the dancers and socializers mingling below. On back: "Dancing at the Camp Grant Service Club is enjoyed by every soldier. All types of entertainment are to be had here: include books, concerts,…

85.109.263 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Twelve separate views of camp experience labeled "arrival at camp," "aptitude tests," "our new living room," "in our new home," "headquarters flag," "colors on parade," "safety health inspection," "first army outfit," "recruit reception center Camp…

85.145.1 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Soldiers seated at rows of long tables and others who stand behind face and smile for the camera.

85.193.1 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Buildings with trucks and men in front and two airplanes flying overhead. Also on front: "The camp is laid out in rectangular form with wide streets on which are the Barracks for the soldiers, officers' quarters, hospital, etc. Accommodations for…

85.193.2 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
A wide street with buildings on either side and sentries and other soldiers on the left. Also on the front: "The Camp streets are broad and there is plenty of light and air for the men. The Barracks seen on either side are each occupied by a…

85.193.3 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
A soldier stands by the train tracks on the left and the depot itself sits on the right. On back: "I am thinking of you, / While you are far away. / And am eagerly watching / For that home-coming day."

85.193.5 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
A locomotive steams by tents and people to the left.

85.193.6 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Troops on horseback carry a flag that reads "171 86" with foot soldiers behind and pedestrians lining the street.

85.193.7 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Soldiers in front of barracks rolling tents and preparing gear. On back: "Banner and badge and name alone / At our President's call we tender, / The loyal truth that guards our land / Will keep, and - No Surrender!"
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