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Dedication of room 314 at Swedish American Hospital in honor of Swan Hillman, founder of Rockford Screw Products. From left to right are Dean Grout the Administrator of Swedish American Hospital, Ward Lidbetter the President of Rockford Screw…

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Open office concept. Ward Lidbetter, President on the left, and Ed Stonefield, Executive Vice President on the right meet in the Rockford Products Plant #3 (707 Harrison Avenue) Open Office concept.

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Merrell Anderson, Vice President of Manufacturing on the leftward Lidbetter, President in the middle. Third person unknown. The men are standing by the 750 cold former at Rockford Products Plant #3 (707 Harrison Avenue).

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Rockford Products Executives. Left to right are Ed Stonefield, Vice President, Jerry Broski, Vice President of Finance, and Ward Lidbetter, President.
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