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2008.33.1 96 dpi watermarked.jpg
Large machines in a large space. A "W. F. & John Barnes Co." sign peeks out from the upper portion of the photograph; the alphanumerics "708-K T-1453" are written in the lower left corner.

93.78.3 96 dpi watermarked.jpg
A large group of men, women, and children pose at a Barnes Co. picnic, sitting at and standing behind picnic tables.

93.78.2 96 dpi watermarked.jpg
In this black and white photograph of a Barnes Co. picnic, a group of people at a picnic table look at the camera. They are using what appears to be nice china tea cups and saucers, etc. A picnic basket is in the foreground.

96.25.15 96 dpi watermarked.jpg
A worker stands at the controls for machines in the W. F. & John Barnes Co. The alphanumerics "FO-684-H7457" are written in the photograph's lower right corner.

93.78.10c 96 dpi watermarked.jpg
Four male employees are picture outside the W. F. & John Barnes Co. The second from the left is possibly Carl E. Johnson, machinist (see photos 93.78.10a and 93.78.10e).

93.78.10e 96 dpi watermarked.jpg
Eleven male workers and one female pose outside the W. F.& John Barnes Co. The third from the right may be Carl E. Johnson, machinist (see photo 93.78.10a).

93.78.10a 96 dpi watermarked.jpg
A black and white photograph of W. F. & John Barnes Co. interior, located at 301 S. Water St. in Rockford IL, and specializing in "drilling machines, foot power lathes and woodworking machinery" according to the 1920 city directory. Three workers are…
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