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2012.7.7 96 dpi wm.jpg
A young woman standing at the back door of Howard and Phyllis Monson's house at 2023 Fifteenth Avenue. The trellis provides some privacy shielding for the back entrance into the home. The metal box attached to the house wall near the back door is…

2012.7.4 96 dpi wm.jpg
The back door of Howard and Phyllis Monson's home at 2023 Fifteenth Avenue. Ornamental concrete block was used for the entire foundation. The trellis at the back door offers a decorative element.

74.595.664 96 dpi wm.jpg
Possibly a three generation family portrait. The freestanding pergola provides a private seating area with access to breezes and light sun while offering protection from direct sunlight.

74.595.649 96 dpi wm.jpg
A man and woman under an arched trellis with a gate.
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