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80.137.4 96 dpi wm.jpg
The banks of the Rock River with the excursion steamboat "Arrow" and row boats. The "Arrow" was the first steamboat launched in Rockford in 1885. It sank in 1900. This picture may be of the "Arrow's" maiden voyage on the Rock River.

85.109.955 96 dpi wm.jpg
"City of Rockford" excursion steamboat on the Rock River. In 1918 the steamer "Illinois" was purchased by the Excursion Amusement Co. and renamed the "City of Rockford". It was carrying 50,000 people annually until it was destroyed by fire on March…

80.109.60 96 dpi (2) wm.jpg
Steamboat "Illinois" on the Rock River, possibly near Harlem Park.

2000.33.3 96 dpi wm.jpg
Nora and George H. sitting on the front fenders of a circa 1930s automobile. In February 1942, car, commercial truck and auto part manufacture stopped in the United States until October 1945 as resources were rationed during World War II.

84.138.18 96 dpi wm.jpg
Unidentified man with a 1930s automobile.

2008.36.41 96 dpi wm.jpg
1935 Chevrolet automobiles on display in a show room.

90.5.22w 96 dpi watermarked.jpg
Three men on a three-passenger bicycle ride in front of the Nelson Hotel at 306 South Main Street.

90.5.22u 96 dpi watermarked.jpg
Cyclists line up at the start of a bicycle race Possibly Fairgrounds Park.

74.595.288 96 dpi wm.jpg
An unidentified male drives two unidentified women along a country lane.

88.122.551B 96 dpi watermarked.jpg
Man on a high wheel bicycle performing in front of grandstand filled with spectators. Possibly Driving Park or Fairgrounds Park.

88.122.551A 96 dpi watermarked.jpg
A large group of cyclists stand with their bicycles on the lawn to the left of an unidentified house.

85.109I.843 96 dpi wm.jpg
Canoes and a boathouse at the edge of a river, at the base of a stone cliff.

85.109I.901.87 96 dpi wm.jpg
Two small fishing boats.

85.134.14 96 dpi watermarked.jpg
Young man with an early bicycle stands on a gravel pathway surrounded by trees and plants.

93.2.26 96dpi wm.jpg
Liveried drivers in two horse drawn delivery wagons in front of the Opera House. One wagon is an Adams Express wagon, for the national shipping company.

85-109.I.795 96 dpi wm.jpg
A crowd of spectators gathers around an airplane that has crashed. The location is unknown.

80.39.5 96 dpi watermarked.jpg
Utter family on a bike ride. Four ladies and one man on bicycles face the camera in front of an unidentified home.

91.122.11  96 dpi wm.jpg
Army pursuit plane, taken at the Machesney Airport. The United States Army called their fighter airplanes "pursuit aircraft" from 1916 to the late 1940s. The Machesney Airport was founded in 1927. During World War II, it was used by United States…

80.109.59 96 dpi wm.jpg
A lady wearing a duster waits in the passenger seat of an early 20th century automobile. A duster is a coat worn to protect other clothing while riding in an open automobile. The wrap over the woman's head also protects her face and hair from dust…

85.109I.908m 96 dpi wm.jpg
Motor sports were popular since the invention of automobiles and motorcycles in the early 1900s. Early races took place on public dirt roads.

85.109I.908n 96 dpi wm.jpg
Motor sports were popular since the invention of automobiles and motorcycles in the early 1900s. Early races took place on public dirt roads. Goggles protected the driver's eyes from airborne dirt from the roads.

85.109I.908o 96 dpi wm.jpg
Automobile racing on a dirt road. It is possible that this is a track rather than a public road.

85.109I.908p  96 dpi wm.jpg
Automobile racing on possibly a public dirt road. Many spectators line both sides of the road.

85.109I.905.96 96 dpi wm.jpg
Mr. T.J.M.S. poses in his automobile. Before 1908, almost every car built in the United States had the steering wheel located at the right side of the automobile, following the practice of horse drawn carriages. When the Ford Motor Company launched…

85.109I.905.55  96dpi wm.jpg
Early automobiles had limited storage space. The running board was often used to carry containers for storage.

88.8.9a 96 dpi wm.jpg
Beckwith Havens, aviator, at Rockford, Illinois. Beckwith became an aeroplane salesman in 1910 for the Curtiss Aeroplane Company. In 1911, Glenn Curtiss taught Beckwith how to fly and he joined the Curtiss Exhibition Team, flying in shows in…

86.29.16 96dpi wm.jpg
Horse named Morgan is pulling a surrey with "Ma" Edith Betts driving, Mrs. lena Bentley, Eddie Bentley, Joe Stevens and his mother Belle Stevens. The picture was taken at 1328 North Church Street, Rockford, Illinois.

2011.62.4 96 dpi watermarked.jpg
Bicycle Club from the late 1880's. Orin Rugg is sitting in the middle of the front row.

2009.37.1 96 dpi wm.jpg
Seven men and a boy are standing near a two-seat biplane. A biplane has two sets of fixed wings stacked above each other. This is believed to be at the Machesney Airport.

2009.37.3 96 dpi wm.jpg
A biplane with number C8191 under a wing at what is believed to be the Machesney Airfield.

2009.37.5 96 dpi wm.jpg
A two-seat biplane, possibly at the Machesney Airport. The number 4210 is painted on its tail. Two men look into the plane while seven men watch.

2007.92.15 96 dpi wm.jpg
East side of Faust Hotel, 618 East State Street with six "Rockford Black and White Cab. Co." vehicles lined up for hotel guests. The Hotel Faust opened to the public for the first time on April 30, 1929 with the formal opening held May 25, 1929.…

85.109I.829 96 dpi wm.jpg
A boat house at the edge of a river

88.122.284b 96 dpi wm.jpg
Building tracks for the Illinois Central Railroad.

88.122.284c 96 dpi wm.jpg
Building tracks for the Illinois Central Railroad.

96.13.2 96 dpi wm.jpg
A 'Burlington Trailways' bus from Los Angeles to Chicago. The bus stop in Rockford, Illinois was located at 609 South Main Street. The Burlington Transportation Company was created in Burlington, Iowa by the Chicago Burlington Quincy (CBQ) Railroad…

85.109I.980 96 dpi wm.jpg
Bus fleet for Illinois C. C. They appear to be school buses.

85.109I.901.1 96 dpi wm.jpg
A row of canoes on an unknown river.

85.109I.821 96 dpi wm.jpg
Canoes moored around a pier. This appears to be Canoe Club activities as the canoes are filled with materials and one man is taking a photograph with a small camera.

2008.36.42 96 dpi wm.jpg
Automobiles on display in a show room with a "Oakland Pontiac," sign on the wall. The cars are circa 1929-1931. The Carlson Motor Company was established in the early 1920s with Fred E. Carlson as president and treasurer and Roy E. Carlson as…

2009.37.6 96 dpi wm.jpg
A two-seat biplane believed to be at the Machesney Airport. C-27 appears to be on the tail. The Caudron C-27 was a French trainer biplane used to train pilots.

2018.1.106 96 dpi wm.jpg
A depot for the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad (CB&Q) which was created in Aurora, Illinois, 1855. Another depot building was a Camp Grant in 1917.

78.184.8 96 dpi wm.jpg
Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad Company (C B & Q) Depot located on South Main Street near Pine Street. It was built circa 1894.

85.109(I).803 96 dpi wm.jpg
Changing a tire. The roads of 1910 - 1920s were unpaved and often rough putting a lot of wear on tires. Tires were fairly thin and were expected to last about 1000 miles.

85.109I.905.106  96dpi wm.jpg
Changing a tire. The roads of 1910 - 1920s were unpaved and often rough putting a lot of wear on tires. Tires were fairly thin and were expected to last about 1000 miles.

85.109(I).960 96 dpi wm.jpg
Chicago & Northwestern Railroad passenger depot located at Main and Cedar Streets. There were two Chicago & Northwestern passenger depots located on Rockford's west side and two depots on Rockford's east side. These depots were at Fourth Avenue ad…

2013.11.1 96 dpi wm.jpg
Rockford; Chicago Northwestern Railroad Class R-1 steam locomotive #1146 Whyte system 4-6-0 Ten Wheeler, (4 wheel pilot truck, 6 drivers, no trailing truck) The building behind the engine is the C&NW, Rockford Engine House or Roundhouse.

90.44.2b 96 dpi wm.jpg
First train on the Chicago, Rockford, Northern Railroad that later became CB&Q. During the 1860s and 1870s prominent Rockford citizens worked to bring new railroad companies to Rockford to break the monopoly of the Galena and Chicago Union. A…

85.109.58 96 dpi wm.jpg
A group of people waiting at the Chicago, Milwaukee, and Gary (CM&G) Railroad depot at 808 Seventh Street in Rockford.

84.26.9 96dpi wm.jpg
Horse-drawn delivery wagon for Harm Barber's grocery store in Davis Junction, Illinois.
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