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This home is the birthplace of Leonard Taylor and Erma Taylor Hurlbert. The house is shaped like a "T" creating a cross gable roof. The architecture is a simple frame house.

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An unidentified couple pose near a home. The hexagon shaped shingles on the roof are likely asphalt shingles which gained popularity in the twentieth century.

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Unidentified man and woman posing in front of a house. The house is simple in architecture with a cross gable roof, decorative spindles on the porch railing and exterior shutters.

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Phil Bogne, Harold, Eleanor Pierson and Helen O'Donnell at a ranch style home with vertical wood siding. The elaborate chimney has Spanish Colonial architectural influences.

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An unidentified family poses in front of a house. Victorian architecture was often a combination of styles. This house has a cross gable and a projection at the right that simulates a tower.
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