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85.109.859a 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Wonderful color rendering with an old-fashioned automobile and passengers on the street in front.

Gray, Zane - World War II.pdf
Born November 8, 1923, Zane Grey joined the Navy in 1942. He died May 24, 2004.

85.109.858 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Department store at 203 W. State Street.

85.109(I).923 1 of 12 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
This card is in a booklet stamped "Souvenir Letter: Views of Rockford, Ill." This depicts the Court House fronted by trees.

Kunz, William - WW II veteran.pdf
Born September 28, 1921, William Kunz was drafted into the Army during World War II. He died July 30, 2014.

Pirages, William J - WW II.pdf
Born September 17, 1922, William Pirages joined the Navy Air Force in April 1942 as a pilot. He died March 20, 2012.

85.109(I).116 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Credit sign on the left; the Register-Gazette on the right. Rockford Office Supply House is written on the bottom middle of the card.

85.109(I).73 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Looking down the tracks in the middle of the street; C. F. Henry on right side.

85.109(I).68 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Rockford Abstract Co. very left; overhanging C. F. Henry sign in second block.

85.109(I).37 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Street scene with two blocks of buildings, streetcar, and horse and buggies.

85.109(I).27 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
At Church Street intersection. "This new twenty-square-block downtown lighting area was installed at a cost of over $250,000." Osco Drug, Carson, Pirie, Scott, Rockford Dry Goods, and Busch Jewelers on the left with the Hotel Faust's red neon sign in…

85.109(I).64 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Building-high view of a few blocks to the Rock River.

85.109(I).923 5 of 12 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
This card is in a booklet stamped "Souvenir Letter: Views of Rockford, Ill." This depicts a cigar shop and a cafeteria on the left; Deming's, C. F. Henry's, Ashton's, and Armstrong's on the right.

85.109(I).80 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Nighttime scene with a Tailor sign, Armstrong's, and C. F. Henry on the left; and Hotel signage on the right.

85.109(I).75 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Building on left has signage for Acorn Stoves and F. D. Goddard Furniture.

78.175.10 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Building-high street view looking East toward State Street Bridge. C. F. Henry, Clothier & Furnisher, on left; United Cigar, S. Scher Tailor, Moffatt's, Elliott's, and Hallock Furniture on right.

75.59.7 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Allison's and C. F. Henry's on the left; Hayes Dentists and Hotel National on the right.

Carlson, Warren - WW II.pdf
Born February 26, 1916, Warren Carlson served in the U.S Army Air Corps from 1941 to 1945 as a pilot. He died April 23, 2010.

85.109(I).77 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
On the left there are signs for a Ladies' Tailors, Ashton's, and C. F. Henry in the second block; on the right are signs for a Dentist, Harvester Havana Cigars Smoke Shop, and a Hotel sign.

85.109(I).923 11 of 12 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Streetcars, buggies, and automobiles with the Riverside Cafe on the left.

85.109(I).93 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
With Connecticut Insurance Co. building towards the right.

V. Stewart & Jeanette Fisher - WW II Veterans.pdf
V. Stewart Fisher was born in 1918 and enlisted in the Army during World War II. He died October 7, 2005. Jeanette Fisher, born May 1917, volunteered as a nurse in 1943. She died November 21, 2012.

85.109(I).217 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Black and white drawing of the building. "Gilbert A. Johnson of Peterson & Johnson Architects, Rockford, Ill., was selected as Architect by the United States Treasury Department June 17, 1931. Contracts were awarded March 31, 1932."

74.780.97 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
The imposing edifice emblazoned with "United States Post Office," with its ten-columned front and US flag atop.

85.109(I).34 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Stand-alone structure with US flag on roof.

Harker, Thomas B. - WW II.pdf
Born August 6, 1919, Thomas Harker joined the Army Air Corps as a pilot. He died April 29, 2013.

Gilbert, Thomas D. - WWII final.pdf
Born January 19, 1921, Thomas D. Gilbert enlisted in the Air Force from 1942 to 1944 as radio operator. He spent time in the Nazi prisoner of war camp Stalag 17B in Austria. He died April 9, 1998.

85.109.848 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Color photo of the Salad Bowl, 4321 W. State St., with four people on the lawn in front, three seated women and a man standing behind. "Dine with the Beasley's, Bill and Jessie. Home of golden fried chicken. More than 30 kinds of food on our…

2009.11.2 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Black and white photograph displaying the structures' two turrets with a horse and buggy and a bicycle in front.

85.109(I).62 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
With Woolworth's 5 and 10 Cent Store and Arcade & Billiards lower right.

Olson, Stanton R. - WWII.pdf
Born January 16, 1923, Stanton R. Olson joined the Air Force from 1942 to 1945 as a navigator. He remained in the reserves and was recalled to active duty during the Korean War. He died October 7, 2001.

85.109(I).67 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Depicting the New York Life Building with Knapp, Barnes & Co. Loans & Real Estate.

78.175.3 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
View looking down on the street with a pool hall and E. & W.'s on the left and a hotel on the right.

94.38.446AA 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
A nighttime neon-lit street scene with Rockford Dry Goods and the Coronado Theatre on the left, and Masters Shoe Company, Busch Jewelers, and Woolworth's on the right.

2017.1.207 96 dpi watermarked.jpg
Color photo showing an unpaved path above the banks of the Rock River.

85.109(I).79 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
With office supplies sign on the left; The E. & W., the Walk Pool hall, and Scher Tailors on the right.

85.109(I).97 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Elevated street view with the river in the distance.

85.109(I).88 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Color graphic rendering of street lined with trees and telephone poles.

85.84.2 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
T. J. Mannix Meat and a hotel on the right.

85.109.833 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Color rendering of the S. H. Kress & Co. store.

Sanden, Russell, WWII.pdf
Born November 17, 1924, Russell Sanden was drafted June 1943 into the Air Force as a turret ball gunner. He was discharged November 1945. He died March 18, 2004.

Peacock, Russell - WWIIs.pdf
Born January 21, 1925, Russell Peacock enlisted in 1943 joining the Army Air Corps as a top turret gunner. Died November 19, 2002.

85.109(I).65 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Candy Kitchen lower left, people on the sidewalks, and bicycles lower right.

82.164.3 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Rockford Abstract Company on the far left; C. F. Henry's in the second block.

85.109.846 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
Color graphic rendering of the Trust building with trolley cars in the streets.

85.109(I).923 9 of 12 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
This card is in a booklet stamped "Souvenir Letter: Views of Rockford, Ill." This depicts the Trust building's seven impressive floors.

85.109(I).923 4 of 12 100 dpi watermarked.jpg
This card is in a booklet stamped "Souvenir Letter: Views of Rockford, Ill." This depicts the Elk's two-story structure with a US flag on the roof.

Robertson, Robert - WWII.pdf
Born October 19, 1924, Robert T. Robertson was drafted in 1942 into the Army Air Force. He died January 6, 2002

Persinger, Robert , WWIIs.pdf
Born September 29, 1923, Robert Persinger was drafted in 1943 and became an Army tank commander. Persinger helped liberate the Ebensee Concentration Camp in Austria. He was discharged October 29, 1945. Persinger died November 19, 2018.

Lucas, Robert - WW II.pdf
Born August 21, 1921, Robert Lucas was drafted into the Airforce in August 1942 as a radio operator. He was discharged in August 1945. He died March 17, 2012.
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