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2012.66.1073 300dpi 4x6.jpg
A mural on side of a building on South Main Street, south of the railroad bridge, north of Morgan Street.

2012.66.1062 300dpi 4x6.jpg
The Southeast corner of 7th Street and 1st Avenue in November 1984.

2012.66.1061 300dpi 4x6.jpg
7th Street, looking south from 1st Avenue, in November 1984.

2012.66.1059 300dpi 4x6.jpg
Rockford Mass Transit District buses. In front of them are newspaper machines for the Rockford Register Star and the Chicago Tribune. The Henry George Cigar mural is visible in the background.

2012.66.1038 300dpi 4x6.jpg
Rail viaduct over South Main Street on south side of downtown, looking north.

2012.66.1007 300dpi 4x6.jpg
The South Main Street Railroad viaduct, painted with a mural of a train, October 1979

2012.66.817 300dpi 4x6.jpg
Mural of a bean plant sprouting painted on the building on southeast corner of South Main and Kent Streets.

2012.66.816 300dpi 4x6.jpg
Mural of a bean plant sprouting painted on the building on southeast corner of South Main and Kent Streets.

2012.66.483 300dpi 4x6.jpg
Building that became One Court Place before any changes were made to it. An advertising mural for Henry George Cigars is on the east side of the building.

2012.66.480 300dpi 4x6.jpg
West side of the 200 block of North Main Street (looking north from Mulberry Street) after mural painted on the south side of the building at 216 North Main Street in December 1984.

2012.66.474 300dpi 4x6.jpg
The Rockford Trust Building, 206 West State Street, and the Zenith electronics store on its east side that was later demolished. The orange sculpture on right side is Symbol, later relocated to the riverfront.

2012.66.442 300dpi 4x6.jpg
Statuary at Founders' Park across from the Post Office at 401 South Main Street in September 1979.

2012.66.413 300dpi 4x6.jpg
The State Street portion of the Downtown Mall, looking west. The large orange metal structure in foreground is part of Symbol, September 1983. Four Squires is visible on the righthand side.

2012.66.409 300dpi 4x6.jpg
The Luther Center, 111 West State Street, and the sculpture "Symbol" at State and Wyman Streets before the sculpture's relocation to the riverfront along North 2nd Street.

2012.66.247b 300dpi 4x6.jpg
"Symbol" in its original location at State and Wyman Streets, before it was painted orange.

2012.66.247a 300dpi 4x6.jpg
The Downtown Mall, State and Wyman Streets, during installation of sculpture "Symbol". The sculpture would later be moved to the riverfront and painted orange.
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