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Third Liberty Loan Parade on South Main Street looking north Rockford, Illinois. The 86th Infantry Division is in the foreground. At the left is the Williamson Motor Company, 415-419 South Main Street and the Post Office spire at 405 South Main…

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A photograph depicting several men inside Rockford's post office. It is not indicated which one is Frank Sturtevant.

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This card is in a booklet stamped "Souvenir Letter: Views of Rockford, Ill." This depicts the Post Office with its turret and two archway entrances.

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Black and white drawing of the building. "Gilbert A. Johnson of Peterson & Johnson Architects, Rockford, Ill., was selected as Architect by the United States Treasury Department June 17, 1931. Contracts were awarded March 31, 1932."

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Color graphic rendering with automobiles parked at the curbs in the streets on two sides of the building.

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Colorized rendering of the United States Post Office main installation in Rockford Illinois.

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"Erected 1933 at a cost of $750,000, this post office serves a community of over a 100,000 population. Rockford is Illinois' second industrial city and second largest machine tool center in U. S. A. Founded in 1834, this city has grown to be the…

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The imposing edifice emblazoned with "United States Post Office," with its ten-columned front and US flag atop.
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