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Housing on Peach Street in Northwest Rockford in October 1975.

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Ziock Terrace looking south on North Court Street from Peach Street (Peach Street would later be renamed Jefferson Street). William Ziock was awarded the contract to build six residential double houses in 1903. Architect W. R. Keyt arranged the ten…

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Ziock block looking south on North Winnebago Street from Peach Street. (Peach Street would later be renamed Jefferson Street) Construction for six double houses began in 1903. Each house offered the modern conveniences of the time including plumbing,…

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Looking north on Church Street from Peach Street.

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Looking west to Peach Street from just east of Main Street. Peach Street was later renamed Jefferson Street. The American Insurance Building is on the right and Chick House is on the left.

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Residence of Mary Jewett Emerson, daughter of Daniel and Ellen Emerson. Location likely to be 313 Peach Street. Peach Street was later renamed West Jefferson Street. Home greenhouses were popular in the nineteenth century as a place to connect with…

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A photograph of the exterior of the Rockford Furniture Co. Established in 1904, the business was located at 1009 Peach St., which later became Jefferson St. On the photo's back, written in pen, it states, "Rockford Furniture factory across from Hess…
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