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Lake Peterson home at 1313 East State Street. The house was built in 1873 by its first resident, John Lake, who lived there until his death in 1907. It was purchased in 1918 by Pehr August Peterson. He donated the house to Swedish American Hospital…

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John Lake House located at 1313 East State Street. Built in 1873 it is a Victorian Gothic Revival architectural style. Pehr August Peterson purchased the home in 1918. The house is an asymmetrical two-story built with yellow brick and slate tiles on…

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Sculpture of bust of Pehr August (P.A.) Peterson. Cofounder of National Lock Company, he was their first president from 1903-1927.

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A bedroom set in one of bedrooms at P.A. Peterson's Home on East State Street.

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A bedroom at the home of P.A. Peterson on East State Street with a close up view of a sleigh bed. A sleigh bed has curved or scrolled head and footboards resembling a sled or sleigh.
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