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2012.66.1040 300dpi 4x6.jpg
Greyhound Bus at the depot at 623 East Jefferson Street in June 1969.

2012.66.1039 300dpi 4x6.jpg
The Greyhound Bus Depot at 623 East Jefferson Street in June 1969. Buses and taxi cabs are visible.

2012.66.925 300dpi 4x6.jpg
West bank of the Rock River between Jefferson Street and Park Avenue in November 1984.

2012.66.331 300dpi 4x6.jpg
Dry cleaners on east side of downtown at the intersection of East State Street and Jefferson Street. The multistory building in background on the right side is the Faust Landmark at 630 East State Street

2012.66.221 300dpi 4x6.jpg
Humphrey Car dealership in the 500 block of East Jefferson Street

85.109(I).459 96 dpi wm.jpg
Ziock Terrace looking south on North Court Street from Peach Street (Peach Street would later be renamed Jefferson Street). William Ziock was awarded the contract to build six residential double houses in 1903. Architect W. R. Keyt arranged the ten…

85.109(I).460 96 dpi wm.jpg
Ziock block looking south on North Winnebago Street from Peach Street. (Peach Street would later be renamed Jefferson Street) Construction for six double houses began in 1903. Each house offered the modern conveniences of the time including plumbing,…

88.122.26 96 dpi wm.jpg
Looking west to Peach Street from just east of Main Street. Peach Street was later renamed Jefferson Street. The American Insurance Building is on the right and Chick House is on the left.

2007.32.2 96 dpi wm.jpg
Looking east across North Court Street at the Court Street Methodist Episcopal Church located at 215 North Court Street. Jefferson Street is at the left lower corner diagonally to the center.

85.109I.905.109  96dpi wm.jpg
Rockford Furniture Company, located at 1009 West Jefferson Street.

74.527.139 96 dpi watermarked.jpg
A photograph of the exterior of the Rockford Furniture Co. Established in 1904, the business was located at 1009 Peach St., which later became Jefferson St. On the photo's back, written in pen, it states, "Rockford Furniture factory across from Hess…

2013.8.7 96 dpi watermarked.jpg
Two Shriners in a small cart lead this parade north on Main Street at the corner of Jefferson Street. The Elks Lodge is visible at the left and Woolworths is down the street (extreme right).

85.109.485 96 dpi watermarked.jpg
A color photograph depicting the church's red brick and green roof. The building is located at 218 North 1st Street near Jefferson Street. This card is postmarked March 29, 1911 with a one cent postage stamp.

85.109.488 96 dpi watermarked.jpg
This sepia-toned photograph shows the front facade of the church, located at 218 N. 1st Street near Jefferson Street, with a huge, wonderful Victorian home nestled next to it. The postmark, from Rockford IL, is difficult to decipher, but may be from…

2010.41.18 96 dpi watermarked.jpg
The neoclassical-looking structure of this church includes a six-columned portico supporting an entablature with a triangular pediment above that pointing to a jutting spire. The building is situated at North First and Jefferson Streets. On the back:…
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