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The home of Hugh and Ellen Breckenridge. The house was located on an 80-acre farm west of Mulford (an address of 1332 Camp Avenue was later assigned to the house location). The farm was purchased by Hugh's father Edward Breckenridge in 1854. Ellen…

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Lundvall homestead once located at 2511 Guilford Road. The house is still standing and is now located at 917 Highview Avenue. The house was built about 1900. The architectural style is Italianate.

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Home of Colonel Thomas G. Lawler (1844-1908), located at 218 Kishwaukee Street. The architectural style of the home is Italianate. It is characterized by the flat roof with overhanging eaves, row of decorative brackets under the roof line, tall and…

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Possibly Wait Forbes Talcott home at 839 North Main Street. Elaborate porches are at both the front and back of the house. This house has horizontal siding, and an Italianate architectural style.
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