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Harlem Village School facing Harlem Road. The Harlem Town Hall is to the left and the Turner House to the right.

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Hall House, used as an early Harlem Village School

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A black and white photo snapshot of Harlem Village School picnic with four rows of children and adults. The woman in a large-rimmed hat is Mrs. Dora Hall.

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This complex on Windsor Road in Loves Park, Illinois (just to the north of Rockford proper) includes the Harlem Village School, a blacksmith shop, and a homestead. Notice the wagon and buggy as well as snow on the ground.

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This black and white photograph shows the white, one-room Harlem Village School house of Harlem Township in Loves Park, Illinois. Loves Park is a city just north of Rockford proper. Note the cupola housing the school's bell on the roof of the…
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