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The home of Joseph and P. Maria (Weldom) Hall, parents of Earl Hall. They lived in the back portion of the old Harlem school building. The front of the building was the town hall.

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Plans started in 1845 to organize a Methodist church in Harlem Township with services taking place in a one-room schoolhouse. Education and worship were important to this farming community. In 1871, a church was built at 8509 North Alpine Road.

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Harlem Methodist Church. The church began in 1845 with services in a one-room schoolhouse in Harlem Township. In 1871, a church was built at 8509 North Alpine Road, with an adjacent cemetery.

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Harlem, Illinois stock yards.

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D. W. Evan's River View Farm in the snow. Located at 7515-7519 North Second Street.

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D. W. Evans in his oat field. His farm was located in Harlem Township at 7515-7519 North Second Street.

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Grain elevator at Harlem Township, Winnebago County, Illinois

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Two horse-drawn buggies sit in front of the creamery on Harlem Road in Harlem Township, Winnebago County, Illinois. One of the buggies is loaded with cream cans used to haul milk or cream from the farm to a local creamery to be made into various…

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An unidentified farm house possibly in Harlem Township.

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Harlem Village School facing Harlem Road. The Harlem Town Hall is to the left and the Turner House to the right.

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Hall House, used as an early Harlem Village School

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Class of 1925 Harlem Consolidated High School. Top to bottom, left to right: I.F. Pearson, Superintendent; [illegible]; M. Douglas, Assistant Superintendent; [Harris] Schoonover, [Conklin], Harold Schoonover, F. Peterson, F. Swanson, Bessie Miller,…

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Free Soil School - teacher, Mrs. Hurlbut. The Free Soil School was located at Harlem Road and North Second Street.

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