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Photo of the Harlem Baseball Team relaxing on the grass. 1920s.

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Catherine "Kitty" Fabrick at home in rural Harlem, Illinois. Catherine was born in England in 1844 and married Lewis Fabrick in 1863. The house is a simple one story with a side gable roof, shutters and some decorative trim at the top of the bay…

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The last train through the Harlem Station, Harlem, Illinois. The Patterson Company grain elevator is in the background.

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The Harlem, Illinois train depot in the snow.

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Shriners on a Rockford and Interurban Railway Company streetcar, number 115. The streetcar is near the Rockford Bill Posting Company, located at 115 North Main Street in Rockford. Railcar number 115 was smaller than most of the cars, seeing less…

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Rockford and Interurban Railway Company, car number 603, labelled "Harlem". The tracks are on a dirt road. The interurban company provided transportation for 600,000 people annually to Belvidere, Beloit, Janesville and Freeport. Interurban service…
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