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George Johnson on his Confirmation Day. The sitting room in in the house the Johnson family rented at 1412 Parmele Street. The furniture is draped at the head and arms with decorative fabric called antimacassar. The purpose was to prevent the soiling…

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George Johnson, son of Emil and Martha Johnson, in his blue Navy uniform with a neighbor's house behind him on Parmele Street. The house has a cross gable roof and a front porch that wraps around the side. The porch columns are similar to the…

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Emil, Martha, and George Johnson in their sitting room of the house they rented on 1412 Parmele Street in Rockford.

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George Johnson as an adolescent in front of his parent's, Emil and Martha Johnson, rented house on 1412 Parmele Street in Rockford. The house has a mansard roof with a large dormer at the center.

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George and Emil Johnson in their sitting room on George's Confirmation Day. The house they rented was located at 1412 Parmele Street.

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The house Emil and Martha Johnson owned at 1636 Thirteenth Avenue. There is a service flag for their son George in the lower left hand window.
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