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The Shumway municipal parking lot at the southeast corner of East State and 3rd Streets. The small building in the foreground is the Shumway Market Building. In the background is the Masonic Temple (built as First Congregational Church and destroyed…

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Area around the corner of Walnut and Kishwaukee Streets looking southeast in February 1979. Visible are the Masonic Temple (built as First Congregational Church and destroyed by fire in September 2020) and a Mercedes Benz car dealership.

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View looking Southeast from top of Rockford City Hall. The church in the middle is at 607 Walnut Street (originally 1st Congregational Church). It burned to the ground in September 2020.

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607 Walnut Street, originally First Congregational Church, the building was also used as the Rockford Masonic Cathedral. It burned to the ground in September 2020.

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Downtown, looking southeast from the roof of Rockford City Hall at 425 East State Street. The church building was built as First Congregational Church at 607 Walnut Street. This church burned to the ground in September 2020.

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First Congregational Church built by Germanicus Kent and George W. Brinkerhoff on the southwest corner of South Church and Green Streets in 1838. The Second Congregational Church was organized in 1849, and used the original building 1849 - 1858.

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The First Congregational Church building is at the corner of S. 3rd and Kishwaukee Streets. It was one of the first churches founded in Rockford. The church building still stands at the same location but does not provide Congregational services.
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