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Looking north along North Church Street. In 1908, J.B. Ralston & Son Hardware is located at 122 North Church Street, the First Baptist Church at 126 North Church Street and further north at 324 North Church Street is Second Congregational Church.

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The First Baptist Society was established in Rockford December 22, 1838. The congregation met in a hall of Dr. George Haskell's store building which was on the northwest corner of West State and North Main Streets. In 1840, a frame meeting house was…

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The Rock River is in the middle of this photograph, dividing Rockford's east side (lower portion) and west side (upper part). Notice the early and crude State Street Bridge, originally called City Bridge. The First Baptist Church is seen in the…

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This color photograph shows the church building in the background with its high spire and a horse-drawn wagon in the foreground within the wide intersection expanse. The church is located at the intersection of East State, North Third, and Kishwaukee…
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