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Bill of sale to C.I. Horsman from Regan, Cheney and Pratt, dealers in lumber, lath, shingles and posts. Yards located at Kishwaukee and First Ave., and at Main and Greene Streets.

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Beauty Academy at the northeast corner of 5th Street and 1st Avenue.

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The Southeast corner of 7th Street and 1st Avenue in November 1984.

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7th Street, looking south from 1st Avenue, in November 1984.

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Municipal parking lot off 1st Avenue. The building on the left is Hedrick Electric at 201 7th Street.

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Moore Automatic Merchandising at 920 1st Avenue. The Faust Hotel is visible in the background.

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Harris Tire Company, 815 First Avenue.

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Hanson Engineering. 1st Avenue and 5th Street.
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