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Unidentified man standing with a herd of cattle. Possibly Lake family farm in the Bell School Road area.

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Cows in pasture at the Charles Larson farm, Roscoe, Illinois.

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An unidentified man and woman pose in front of a barn. Possibly the Lake family in the Bell School Road area. The man is standing near a cow. The woman stands next to an unsaddled horse. A three-horse team hitched to a wagon is positioned between…

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Two women on a wagon plow pulled by two teams of horses. An unidentified man is walking beside the farm implement. The horses have a white covering that drapes over their backs and has holes for their ears. This is likely protective covering during…

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Two teams of horses pulling farming equipment across field, possibly grain harvesters. Three men and one woman are standing near the horse teams. Handwritten on back: "Lloyd's team - Billy, Barney, Billy Sunday, Dick. Luthor team - Dewey, May,…

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People, possibly the farm family, are posed in front of an unidentified barn. A man and woman are seated in a buggy while another buggy holds a girl seated and boy standing. A man and a woman stand with a horse and pony.

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Sheep in a farm yard with farm buildings at the left and right

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Horse drawn threshing machine, circa 1880s. Being made of wood indicates that it is an early model of a thresher. The development of threshers was reliant on the availablity of power to run the machines. Horses pulled this machine to a field where…
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