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2012.66.1172 300dpi 4x6.jpg
Charles Street looking west from 11th Street.

2012.66.1057 300dpi 4x6.jpg
11th Street at Harrison Avenue in September 1977.

2012.66.219 300dpi 4x6.jpg
Industrial area on the north side of Harrison Avenue near 11th Street

2012.66.198 300dpi 4x6.jpg
An industrial area near 11th Street and 18th Avenue

2012.66.161 300dpi 4x6.jpg
Ken-Rock Community Center, 321811th Street

79.191.16 96 dpi watermarked.jpg
Employees are photographed at their desks at the Sundstrand Adding Machine Co., located at 2421 11th St. The back of the photo contains signatures, presumably of the people pictured. Next to one name is written, "1933." A message handwritten in…

91.49.40a 96 dpi watermarked.jpg
The 1920 city directory states that the Empire Manufacturing Co. are "makers of high grade furniture," located at 2578 11th St. in Rockford IL. This black and white photograph is on thick but flexible cloth-like paper.

84.1.21h 96 dpi watermarked.jpg
The Rockford Peerless Furniture Company, started circa 1910, is shown here some seven decades later. The building is located at the northeast corner of 11th St. and 20th Ave.
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