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Congregants stand at the entrance of the new Ohave Sholom Synagogue at 3730 Guilford Road as Rabbi Dov Rosenblum (standing outside the right hand door) leads dedication ceremonies.

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Ohave Sholom Synagogue Rabbi Dov Rosenblum, leads the Torah procession as the congregation leaves their temple building at 728 1st Avenue to move into their new home at 3730 Guilford Road.

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Rabbi Dov Rosenblum blows the shofar, a ram's horn, to call the Ohave Sholom congregation together to worship as part of ceremony marking the congregation's move from 728 1st Avenue to their new home at 3730 Guilford Road.

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Members of Ohave Sholom Synagogue end their services at the Synagogue at 728 1st Avenue before processing to their new home at 3730 Guilford Road. Rabbi Dov Rosenblum hold the Torah at the far right.
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