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2006.54.22 96 dpi watermarked.jpg
A photograph depicting several men in business suits on a large industrial machine at Ingersoll Milling Machine Company, 2400 Douglas, Rockford IL. Carl Erbe is the sixth figure from the left in a light jacket with his hands on controls in the…

2006.54.36 96 dpi watermarked.jpg
Eleven employees of the W. F. & John Barnes Co. pose for this black and white photograph. The men's names are listed on the photo's back: Front Row (L to R) Marv Stafford; Floyd Karp; Fred Johnson; John Girardin; Bill Doty. Back Row (L to R) Carl…

2006.54.30 96 dpi watermarked.jpg
A black and white photograph showing three employees observing the workings of a large machine at the W. F. & John Barnes Co. The man in the middle is Carl Erbe, who was an engineer for the company.

2006.54.38 96 dpi watermarked.jpg
Three rows of men in business suits, representing W. F. & John Barnes Company employees, pose for this black and white photograph. Carl Erbe, an engineer for the company, is third from the right in the back row. The other men are unidentified.
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