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Corner of State and Main, part of the Northeast State and Main Historic District. Visible are Busch Jewelers, Lindstrom Travel, and Wig World.

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211 West State Street - located in the Northeast State and Main Historic District. Busch Jewelers is at center.

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Downtown Pedestrian Mall on West State Street, looking west. The Busch store was on the Northeast corner of West State and North Main Streets.

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At Church Street intersection. "This new twenty-square-block downtown lighting area was installed at a cost of over $250,000." Osco Drug, Carson, Pirie, Scott, Rockford Dry Goods, and Busch Jewelers on the left with the Hotel Faust's red neon sign in…

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A nighttime neon-lit street scene with Rockford Dry Goods and the Coronado Theatre on the left, and Masters Shoe Company, Busch Jewelers, and Woolworth's on the right.
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