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2010.10.24 96 dpi watermarked.jpg
This black and white photograph shows Section 5 of the Barber-Colman Company manufacturing complex located at the Loomis and Rock Streets site in Rockford IL.

2010.10.26 96 dpi watermarked.jpg
This sign on the grounds of the Barber-Colman Company in Rockford IL during World War I reads, "Invest Your Savings in Liberty Bonds. Every dollar you subscribe here means two for Uncle Sam. Watch the hand go-round. The eyes of Germany are upon us.…

2010.10.27 96 dpi watermarked.jpg
A photograph displaying Barber-Colman Company's warp-tying machine, which received a patent on November 25, 1913.

2010.10.28 96 dpi watermarked.jpg
A view of the factory floor at the Barber-Colman Company. These machines may be hobbing machine assemblies. Note the belt drives extending down from the ceiling.

2010.10.29 96 dpi watermarked.jpg
This view of a factory floor at the Barber-Colman Company shows drill presses visible on the right and bases for warp-typing machines at rear left.

2010.10.30 96 dpi watermarked.jpg
A photograph depicting a large Barber-Colman spooler, which the sign in front states is "machine No. KK No. 6."

2010.10.31 96 dpi watermarked.jpg
The woman in this black and white photograph is using a Barber-Colman hand-knotter, patented on April 23, 1901. Notice the woman's elaborate hair, dress, and jewelry. This picture appeared in the Barber-Colman Employee Association Yearbook, "Knots,"…

2010.10.32 96 dpi watermarked.jpg
The women (left) have prepared a meal for the men seated at the table in Barber-Colman's dining hall. This photograph was printed in the Barber-Colman Association (BCA) News, Vol. 1, No. 3, page 6.
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