Seventh Street, Rockford, Illinois


Seventh Street, Rockford, Illinois


A collection of postcard views depicting the business district and neighborhood of Seventh Street in Rockford, Illinois. From the late 1800s well into the 1900s the Seventh Street neighborhood was the center of Rockford's Swedish community.




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Collection Items

Sera Music Hall, Rockford, Ill.
Colorized photo of stand-alone stone structure.

Masters Shoe Company
Two locations listed: 421 Seventh Street and 221 S. Main St. "Our Highest Price: $4.90, Many Less."

The Daylight Store, Rockford, Ill.
Ekeberg's Dry Goods and Fulton & Anderson Clothing.

7th St. East Side, north from 5th Ave., Rockford, Ill.
Colorized street scene looking north, overhanging signs: Walden's and Hill's.

Seventh Street, looking north - Rockford, Ill.
Looking right up the tracks in the middle of the street, horse and wagons/buggies to the sides.

Reliance Building, Seventh Street
Corner building, 424 - 430 Seventh Street, "Home of Rockford's Newest Department Store, Ekeberg's."

Seventh Street North from 5th Ave., Rockford, Ill.
Colorized street scene looking north, trolley in street, horse and buggies/wagons on sides.

Olson's (200 block, 7th Street)
Olson's Clothing on right; Coca Cola ad (5 cents) on left.

West side of 7th Street, Rockford, Ill.
Street scene with horse and wagons; "Boston" sign, middle left; "Bon Ton" on right.

Seventh Street, looking south - Rockford, Ill.
Horse and buggies/wagons and street car tracks.

Seventh St., Looking South from Third Ave., Rockford, Ill.
Colorized street scene with overhanging signs (L to R): Royal, Lunch, unreadable on corner, and Drugs.

West side of 7th St. north from 4th Ave., Rockford, Ill.
West side of 7th St. north from 4th Ave. L to R: Miller Shoes; O. J. Johnson Co.; Lignell's; Ekeberg's Dry Goods; Fulton and Anderson Clothing.

Seventh St., Looking South, Rockford, Ill.
Colorized street scene; postmarked Aug. 31 to Mr. K. J. Lundgren

200 or 300 block, 7th Street
View from building top with street car.

7th Street view
Looking down on street from telephone pole height.

7th Street, 500 block, looking south
Street scene with Boston Clothing House far right.

Rockford Seventh Street Fair
Street scene with vendors; September 20-25, 1915; "Compliments of The Register-Gazette, Rockford's Greatest Newspaper."

People's Pharmacy
View of outside and inside store, S. E. corner 7th St. and 3rd Ave., A. E. Freburg, proprietor.

7th St. after Fire, Aug. 2 -08
People milling in street; Seventh St. Clothing Co. far left; "Dick Yates for Governor" banner over street
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