Theaters, Rockford, Illinois


Theaters, Rockford, Illinois


A postcard collection of theaters in the Rockford area showing venues offering comedic, musical, and theatrical entertainment. The scenes span the era 1907-1970 with the majority depicting the early decades of the twentieth century.



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Orpheum Theatre, Rockford, Ill.
This postcard, depicting the Orpheum Theatre at 118 North Main Street just a few doors from the Palace Theatre, displays a sign that promotes "Lew Fuller in the Beauty Shop." Note the horse and buggy to the right of the streetlamp. The name "Ed…

Interior of Orpheum Theatre from the Stage, Rockford, Ill.
This photograph, taken from the Orpheum's stage, looks out at the interior of the plush theater with its many rows of floor seating, balconies to the sides and above, and the richly appointed chandelier above. The Orpheum Theatre was located at 118…

Orpheum Theatre, Rockford, Ill.
This postcard shows the Orpheum Theatre, promoting "Vaudeville," at 118 North Main Street. There are advertisements for featured entertainment on the sidewalk by the lobby entrance. Note the bicycle by the curb far left. The Orpheum was located just…

Main Street, Looking South, Rockford, Ill.
The Palace Theatre, advertising "Vaudeville," takes up a huge portion of this block at 111-117 North Main Street with early vintage automobiles lining the curb. The Palace Theatre opened in 1915 a few doors down from the Orpheum Theatre.

The Armory, Rockford, Ill.
Similar to postcard 95.5.32a, this colorized scene shows the Armory, and the "Majestic" theater sign above the sidewalk at 123 North Church Street, where pedestrians in early twentieth century attire are strolling.

3682, The Armory, Rockford, Ill.
The sign outside this theater touts the "Majestic," located at 123 North Church Street.

Coliseum, Rockford, Ill.
The light-colored structure of this theater, with its vertical sign proclaiming "Coliseum," was located at 913-923 West State Street.

New Mendelssohn Hall, Rockford, Ill.
A color photograph showing Rockford's New Mendelssohn Hall at its new location of 216-220 North Main Street.

Mendelssohn Hall, Rockford, Ill.
This color rendering depicts Rockford's Mendelssohn Hall, located here at 513 West State Street, home of many civic musical events, recitals, and concerts.

Grand Opera House, Rockford, Ill.
A color rendition of Rockford's Grand Opera House, located at 113-117 North Wyman Street.

Breakfast with Roddy Mac
Local children's television personality Rod MacDonald, of the Roddy Mac show on station WREX, poses on the set with his guitar and trademark hat and glasses.
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