Midway Village Museum is Rockford Illinois’ local history museum.  More than 5,000 images and documents from the Museum's collection are available to view here. 

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Recently Added Items

The Sociable Club

74.771.927 300 dpi pg1.jpg

An 1866 Membership Card for the Sociable Club, signed on the reverse by E.J. Underwood.

17th Annual Fair of the Winnebago County Agricultural Society

74.771.925 300 dpi.jpg

Complimentary ticket for C.I. Horsman to the 17th Annual Fair of the Winnebago County Agricultural Society

Winnebago County Agricultural Society

74.771.910 300 dpi pg1.jpg

Certificate of four shares of the Winnebago County Agricultural Society, held by C.I. Horsman.

Seeds for Sale at George S. Haskell

74.771.828 300 dpi pg2.jpg

Seed list grown and offered by George S. Haskell and Company, 112-114 Main Street.